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Sierra Park at Quincy

Everyone has dreams of growing up, having a family and owning their very own home. We were no exception! Quincy was going to be the place where we would build our dreams together. We had established careers, got married and we were now ready to make the biggest investment decsision of our lives, purchase a home.

The first attempt at buying a house left us stressed and worried that we were making a bad decision. The second attempt we couldn't even sleep at night because we were so nervous the house would become a "money pit". We were almost at the point of giving up when we decided to give it one last shot and met with Les Ellis regarding the Sierra Park Homes.

Meeting with Les and discussing what would potenially be our dream home was a sigh of relief for both of us. The thought of building our home exactly how we wanted it was exciting! After seeing how easy it could be to design and build our home, meeting everyone that would be involved, and having frequent meetings with Les who always had reassuring answers to all of our questions, we knew that Sierra Park would build us a custom home that would define quality.

It has been two years since we built our Sierra Park home and we absolutely love being apart of this friendly community. We cannot thank Les, Audrey, Heather and everyone from Sierra Park for making our dreams come true!.

Amber & Jason Marshall
Hi Les,
Cindy and I would like you to know how pleased we are with our Sierra Park Helmsley Home. Our Energy Star compliant house has really paid off. Although heating costs are astonishing, our costs are comparable to a more dated home of half our square footage.

During construction your presence and easy access were greatly appreciated, ensuring contractual specs and obligations were all met.
No wondering who was in charge around here.

Thanks again,
Steve and Cindy Warner
Sierra Park,Quincy,CA.
About one year ago life circumstances lead me to be looking for a home in Quincy. As a 30 year resident of Quincy, I had no intention of relocating out of the area as I simply just love it here for all the right reasons.

There were many homes to look at throughout the Plumas County area. Out of everything I looked at, only those offered by the new Sierra Park sub-division provided what I will call “bang for the investment buck”. The homes were new construction, were actually more reasonably priced than anything comparable on the market and provided me an opportunity for a fabulous mountain view and input for custom requirements. The developers, Les and Audrey Ellis, were a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. They listened to my needs, worked with me to incorporate my ideas into one of the base home plans, and then were fair and reasonable on price negotiations.

Les uses local contractors and personally supervises every home construction from start to completion. Having watched every phase of my home being built, I will attest to the quality job that was done. From foundation to finish work was a pleasure for me to watch and I appreciate the quality of work done by local craftsmen as well as the overall management provided by Audrey and Les.

Les and Audrey continue to work with me and the other home owners to make this one of the nicer places to live. I thank them for that and look forward to many years of life here at Sierra Park.

I love my home, the neighborhood I live in and the spectacular view off of my back deck!

Rick Becker
Pony Court
Quincy, CA
After looking at houses in the area we decided on Sierra Park and are very glad we did. The Aysgarth that we chose cost less than many of the older homes we looked at and many of those needed a lot of work, where this is a brand new home. The house is very well constructed and we were able to upgrade it to fit our needs. Les and Audrey are great people to deal with, they are professional and enjoyable to be around. I would highly recommend checking out Sierra Park.

Debra and Michael Miller

Pony Court Residents
Sierra Park Development is building a fabulous, well-planned community, here in Quincy. We are so pleased with our 4-bedroom model, the Ingleton. Sierra Park has worked with us, side-by-side during pre-construction through the post-construction process. We were able to customize non-structural areas, and upgrade to suit our family’s needs. Les and Audrey Ellis have gone the extra mile, providing superior customer service and follow-up. If you are looking for a well-constructed home in Quincy, stop by and check out Sierra Park.

Thank you for our terrific new home!

John and Lori Nadone