Our Goal

The goal of Sierra Park Property Development LLC is three fold, to provide much needed housing for Quincy residents in a comfortable environment, to build quality homes that are attainable in price, and to make a positive contribution to the local economy.

Sierra Park is the first of its kind in Quincy and will provide 33 single family homes close to schools and shopping. We have strived to give diversity to the neighborhood by creating 4 distinct house designs, planned on individual lots. Houses have been selected for each lot to allow for adequate yard areas and to optimize privacy. To further that diversity, we have chosen varied roof colors and customized exterior paint designs to give a more custom feel. Where possible, allowing home owners to chose their exterior colors and paint schemes, and front doors to suit their individual tastes. It is important to us that each buyer has a home they can be proud of and enjoy living in.

Plumas County is home to many of the best craftsmen in the building trades from engineering to final landscaping. Sierra Park Property Development LLC is proud to showcase their craftsmanship in our project. All are working hard to build a quality neighborhood of solid homes with the look, and many features, of custom homes. They are all giving this project their best and we are proud of the results in the finished product.

By employing local contractors, from the engineering stage to final landscaping, using local vendors whenever possible, and use of proceeds from housing sales, the contribution of this completed project will be an estimated $10 Million, 97% of which will proudly remain in Plumas County.

We are excited at achieving this goal, bringing this dream to reality, and at the same time helping others realize their dreams of home ownership in Quincy.